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Tips for Gynecologic Health

Jamie Lipeles';

By Jamie Lipeles

Posted on April 7th, 2014 in Gynecology

Women often feel uncomfortable discussing gynecological health. But poor female health can cause unneeded pain, trigger disruptions in your sex life, and even put you at risk for developing diseases such as cancer.

Below are six tips for gynecologic health.

1. Pay attention to your body. Know what’s normal for you. See your doctor for any unusual bleeding, bloating, pelvic pain, weight loss, fatigue or changes in bowel or bladder habits.

2. Get your annual checkup. A Pap test can detect abnormal cells early, to reduce your risk of cervical cancer.

3. Practice safe sex. Studies show more than 80% of 50 to 90-year olds are sexually active. Diseases like syphilis, chlamydia and gonorrhea are on the rise.

4. If you’re age 11-26, consider the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine. It protects against common causes of cervical, vaginal and vulvar cancer.

5. Exercise and eat right for a healthy body weight. Weight has a big effect on your menstrual cycle. Being too thin or too heavy can cause health problems, such as losing your period, or having excessive or irregular menstrual flow.

6. Don’t smoke. Tobacco use is linked to gynecologic cancer, so not smoking is a good strategy for reducing your risk.

Marina Hospital's Women's Center

As a leading surgical hospital focused on women’s health, Marina Del Rey Hospital wants women to know it isn’t necessary to live with pain and discomfort any longer. Most gynecological conditions are easily treatable using minimally invasive surgery.

Our team of nationally recognized physicians and staff specializes in gynecologic care designed to quickly get you back to the life you love. We provide the latest in less invasive treatments, including robotic surgery – the next advance in treating conditions ranging from urinary incontinence to chronic pelvic pain and abnormal bleeding.