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Stem Cells and PRP Treatment

March 3rd, 2014 - Posted to Spine

Many patients are curious about stem cells and PRP treatment because they have heard about a professional athlete receiving this care.

Stem cells are special in that they can re-grow and have the potential to develop into different types of tissue. PRP, which is concentrated platelets, are specific types of cells found in the blood that may help stimulate the healing process.

PRP has been injected in many different tissues and joints with some success. In the realm of spine, the major applications of PRP and stem cells are to slow down the wear and tear of the disc and to decrease pain and inflammation.

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The research is still in its infancy but is quite exciting. For a full explanation of stem cells and PRP, and if they are applicable to your spine, please come visit us at the Marina Spine Center. For an appointment please call 855-51-SPINE.