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Robotic Surgery vs. Laparoscopic Surgery

Daniel Marcus';

By Daniel Marcus

Posted on August 25th, 2020 in Robotic Center

Robotic Vs Laparoscopic SurgeryEvery year, 4.8 million people in the United States undergo laparoscopic surgery, whereas nearly 700,000 choose robotic surgery to treat their health problems. While laparoscopic surgery is similar to robotic surgery, as they both entail several tiny incisions through which the medical instruments are inserted, there are some differences between these two surgical approaches. Firstly, laparoscopic surgery was developed in 1990, whereas robotic surgery was approved by the Food and Drug Administration to treat certain health issues in 2000. Robotic surgery can treat health problems occurring in the following areas of the body:

  • the urinary tract
  • gynecologic organs
  • head and neck
  • abdomen
  • chest
  • arms and legs

Furthermore, robotic surgery allows the surgeon to make a greater range of motions than laparoscopic surgery, as they control the movement of the metallic arms of the system from a console, permanently viewing what is going on inside the body on a monitor. Because it is the arms of the robotic system that perform the procedure, robotic surgery is safer. Moreover, it implies a lower risk of postoperative complications, as well as less bleeding, than laparoscopic surgery, as little damage is done to the adjacent organs and tissues. The following are only some advantages of robotic surgery:

  • minimal scarring
  • no need for a blood transfusion
  • faster recovery
  • shorter hospitalization time
  • lower risk of complications
  • reduced pain and discomfort

How Do I Know If I Am a Good Candidate for Robotic Surgery?

It is worthy of note that not everyone qualifies for robotic surgery, as only certain health problems can be treated by it. If you have a health issue for which you need surgery, you will need to be thoroughly evaluated by a medical specialist to determine whether you are a good candidate for a robotic procedure. It is usually mild health problems that can be successfully treated with robotic surgery, whereas laparoscopic surgery is used to treat a wider range of health issues, including more severe ones.

The Limitations of Laparoscopic Surgery

Robotic surgery is technically laparoscopic surgery with additional technology, as it is the system that performs the procedure. While laparoscopic surgery provides the surgeon with a 2D view of the inside of the body, robotic surgery allows them to see in 3D. Other disadvantages of laparoscopic surgery include:

  • a restricted range of motion of the medical instruments
  • poor ergonomic positioning of the surgeon

Thereby, robotic surgery was introduced to minimize the shortcomings of laparoscopic surgery, which is also minimally invasive. However, laparoscopic surgery remains a very effective and useful treatment approach, as it can treat a wider range of health issues than robotic surgery. Today, 80% of prostate removal surgeries are performed with robotic surgery, according to the National Cancer Institute. This is only one of the numerous health problems robotic surgery can treat. Undoubtedly, robotic surgery is on the rise and, as technology advances, the system may be improved even more over the years.

Our Surgeons Have Been Performing Robotic Surgery for Over 10 Years

If you have a health problem and you were told you are a good candidate for robotic surgery, please contact Cedars-Sinai Marina del Rey Hospital to schedule your first appointment. Our medical specialists will also examine you to determine whether robotic surgery is the best option for you and, if it is, they will carefully perform the procedure you need so that the risk of postoperative complications is minimal. Our surgeons have been performing robotic surgery for over 10 years and are ready to help you treat your health problem in a warm and calm environment. For more information concerning robotic surgery, do not hesitate to give our hospital a call and our medical staff will thoroughly answer all your questions.