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How Should Patients Prepare for Robotic Surgery?

Daniel Marcus';

By Daniel Marcus

Posted on August 25th, 2020 in Robotic Center

Preparation for Robotic surgery A key element of achieving a good outcome from robot-assisted surgical procedures is proper preparation.

Though the preparation for robotic surgery is quite similar to that of any other minimally invasive surgery, you will have to gather information about the surgical procedure that you will undergo.

Your surgeon will provide you preoperative as well as post-operative instructions so that you will be aware of what you can expect while undergoing a robot-assisted surgical procedure.

Preoperative Guidelines to Be Followed Before Robotic Surgery

It is important to follow certain guidelines before the robotic surgery, which include:

  • Avoid eating food or drinking fluids for 8 hours before your surgery is scheduled.
  • Follow your surgeon's advice on discontinuing medications including herbal supplements or vitamin supplements if you are taking. Blood-thinning medications should be stopped 10 days before the surgery.
  • Follow instructions from your cardiologist regarding the management of blood thinners if you are suffering from a serious heart condition.
  • In case of surgical procedures involving the colon, you may require cleansing of the bowel using enema or laxatives, which needs to be done a day before the surgery. Bowel preparation generally involves taking enemas or laxative medications through the mouth and being on a clear liquid diet for 1-2 days before surgery.
  • Follow all your preoperative instructions accurately. This includes testing such as chest-X ray, ultrasound, CT scan, blood, and urine tests as advised by your surgeon.
  • You need to arrange for a friend or helper who can drive you home and assist you during the immediate recovery period.

Preparing your body for robotic surgery

If your body is healthy, you are likely to have a safe and uncomplicated recovery from robotic surgery. Leading a healthy lifestyle includes eating fruits, vegetables, and taking multivitamin supplements. Prepare your body for surgery by doing regular exercises as it makes your lungs and heart strong. Try doing cardiovascular exercises for 20-30 minutes 3-5 times a week. Maintain your blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol levels under control. Get adequate rest and avoid falling sick. You can recover faster from surgery if your body is healthy.

It is essential to shed some weight if you are overweight. Losing weight has several benefits concerning robotic surgery:

  • Easy and safe access into your body
  • Your body will be able to tolerate the positioning better
  • Surgery will be safer and faster
  • Reduced risk of surgical complications
  • Faster healing due to decreased risk of wound infection

If you want to know more about undergoing robotic surgery at Cedars-Sinai Marina del Rey Hospital, get in touch with our team of surgeons who will evaluate your condition and provide guidance.