Patient Spotlight: Patricia Plent

May 4th, 2018 - Posted to Weight Loss

When Patricia Plent contacted Marina Weight Loss Center, she was desperate to lose weight. She had back problems and suffered from constant pain but her doctors were unable to perform back surgery because of her weight.

Fortunately for Patricia, Dr. Korman agreed to operate on her in order to reduce the size of her stomach and help her regain her pain-free life. Today, 3 years after the sleeve gastrectomy, Patricia weighs 128 pounds less and lives a healthy life with no more back pain, making us proud of her commitment and success.

Tell us about your biggest success thus far?

My biggest success is that I have become a happier person. Before having both of the surgeries, my back pain would prevent me from getting a good night's sleep and I was always rude and easily annoyed by everything. Now that I am able to sleep properly, I am kinder and more patient. I am also proud that now I can walk to my appointments with Dr. Korman and then back home without feeling exhausted after the first 100 meters.

What has been your biggest challenge?

My biggest challenge so far has been breaking the plateau I've been stuck at for months. It was driving me crazy that despite all my efforts I wasn't losing any weight. It took me a lot of work, motivation, and patience to finally lose weight but it was definitely worth it.

What is your motivation for continued change?

I think that the way my overall health has improved after the surgeries is what keeps me motivated to continue working on developing a healthy lifestyle. I've had severe back issues and I don't want to relive that time of my life.

What is your favorite quick, go-to healthy meal?

I'll tell you which are my quick go-to meal choices for breakfast and lunch. In the morning I usually eat 2 oz. of ground turkey with one egg which I like to scramble with reduced-fat shredded cheese. For lunch, most of the time I have Brussels sprouts and chicken breast. I am a fan of spices so I like to season all my meals with chili or garlic powder.

What advice would you give to those considering weight loss surgery?

I would advise people considering this type of surgery to be ready to commit themselves 100% to the work that needs to be done in order to change their lifestyles.

What is the craziest diet you tried before surgery?

The craziest diet my despair has made me try is the soup diet. It consists of a specific soup I was allowed to have at dinner and the rest of the day I could only drink water. I was basically living on fluids.

What was the best/worst advice you ever received about dieting?

The best advice came from my nutritionist who told me that eating healthy doesn't necessarily mean eating only fruits and vegetables. A healthy diet relies on meals that assure the necessary amount of proteins and carbohydrates. The worst advice, however, was that I would lose weight just by combining exercising with eating fresh veggies and fruits.

What would you tell your former self now if you could?

I would tell my former self that I am proud she made the best decisions for her health and that she had the power to overcome the obstacles in her way to develop a healthy lifestyle.