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Metabolism Boosting Foods for a Healthy Spring

Jeremy Korman';

By Jeremy Korman

Posted on March 29th, 2018 in Weight Loss

Metabolism Boosting FoodsSpring is already here and because of the drastic weather changes, a wave of flu has taken over the country.

For busy people who don't have time to cook healthy meals, adding superfoods to their usual lunches can prove to be really helpful since they provide the body with all the necessary antioxidants and nutrients to fight diseases.

Fruits and vegetables can also improve energy, metabolism and mood and since spring is a great time to recharge your batteries, try these healthy treats to fuel up your body for new challenges.

Mood Enhancers

Finding fresh asparagus in stores is a sign that spring has come. One cup of this vegetable can turn your meal into one that makes your entire body happy, not just your stomach. It is one of the best sources of folate, a vitamin that is known to have an essential role in the production of important neurotransmitters which control the mechanisms of depression and anxiety. These are dopamine, serotonin and norepinephrine, the so-called "hormones of happiness".

Walnuts can also do wonders for your mood. They contain tryptophan, an amino acid which is responsible for the synthesis of serotonin, and can assure mood stability since they are digested slowly.

Skin Beautifiers

Strawberries have an impressive antioxidant power which can help your skin fight the damage caused by the activity of free radicals and environmental factors. Moreover, they are rich in vitamin C which is useful for skin issues like wrinkles, acne or dryness. You can try using this fruit to make nutritive homemade facial masks which will give your skin a healthy complexion.

Including salmon in your alimentation can also prove to be beneficial in wrinkle prevention. Salmon contains a type of omega-3 fatty acid which blocks the enzymatic diminishing of collagen, enhances skin hydration and regulates oil production.

Energy Generators

Spinach can be a great source of energy, especially for people who don't eat meat. It contains iron which is an important compound for our red blood cells since they are the ones that transport oxygen in the body, fueling our muscles with the necessary energy.

Artichoke is another ingredient that can give your body an energy boost. Thanks to its magnesium content, it can generate energy by contributing to more than 200 biochemical reactions in our bodies.

Weight Loss Helpers

If you are weight conscious, garlic and beans are your best friends this Easter. While garlic fools your brain's hunger center into feeling you have eaten enough, beans help you lose weight in a different way. Because of their protein nature, our bodies have to spend a lot of energy to break them down into amino acids and digest them. Therefore, make sure to include these two in your Easter menu as fat-fighting foods.