Marina Weight Loss Performs First Banded Plication Surgery

November 14th, 2011 - Posted to Weight Loss

In its continued efforts to offer patients the most effective surgical weight-loss options, Marina Weight Loss has announced that its Medical Director Dr. Jeremy Korman successfully performed his first plicated band surgery in which he combined the gastric plication and LAP-BAND® on Monday, November 14th.

The gastric plication, also known as the gastric imbrication, is a new weight-loss procedure that is showing encouraging results for the treatment of morbid obesity.

During the surgery, the stomach is folded over and stitched to itself, shrinking it to a small fraction of its original size. As a result, the patient’s stomach holds less food and fewer calories are consumed. Unlike the gastric bypass and sleeve gastrectomy procedures, there is no cutting or stapling of the stomach.

Combining Gastric Plication with Lap-Band

“This hybrid procedure represents an evolution in the surgical treatment of obesity,” said Dr. Korman, bariatric surgeon in Los Angeles. “Combining gastric plication with the LAP-BAND® will safely accelerate initial weight loss after surgery while maintaining the long term ability to adjust restriction provided by the band.”

The plicated band surgery is performed using laparoscopy, which means the surgeon makes small incisions through which he inserts a camera and specially designed instruments. These instruments allow the surgeon to perform the surgery with precision, as well as significantly reducing recovery time, surgical complications, and patient discomfort. Surgery can take approximately an hour and patients can often go home the next day.

“While it is imperative for our program to remain on the cutting-edge, it is even more important that we continue to provide clinically proven procedures to ensure the safety of our patients,” explained Dr. Korman. “We are excited to offer this new procedure to our patients in order to help them significantly improve their quality of life.”

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