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Light Up Your Daily Life with Some Mediterranean Sun

Jeremy Korman';

By Jeremy Korman

Posted on May 11th, 2012 in Weight Loss

Light Up Your Daily LifeThough we can’t carry all of the bliss of an unhurried vacation everywhere we go, our recent experience has led me to reflect on ways we can adopt Mediterranean rhythms into our everyday lives.

If you have …

Two minutes — Take several deep breaths before you begin your next meal. It makes a difference.

Ten minutes — Splash fresh olive oil and sea salt on a ripe tomato, then really stop and taste each bite.

Twenty minutes — Linger in the produce section at your grocery store and choose a fruit or veggie that you've never tried.

Thirty minutes — Take a walk after dinner, in the tradition of Spain's paseo.

Forty-five minutes — Find the nearest farmers market, lose yourself in the colors and smells of real food, and choose some beautiful, local produce.

Forty-five minutes — Pick a new recipe and try a new dish.

These sorts of habits are key elements underlying the healthfulness of the traditional Mediterranean diet and lifestyle. Sure, we lead hectic lives these days, but we gotta eat. Why not bring the Mediterranean rhythm into your own daily life?