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How to Enjoy Healthy Easter Holidays after a WLS

Jeremy Korman';

By Jeremy Korman

Posted on March 6th, 2018 in Weight Loss

Enjoy Healthy Easter Holidays after a WLSEaster holidays are slowly approaching and for most of us, this season is all about a great variety of traditional dishes, from the habitual turkey to the much-loved pie. This period can be quite troublesome for those who have undergone weight loss surgeries and treatments since they have to constantly stay aware of their health and body weight.

Therefore, it is essential to take a short break and reflect on how you want to celebrate Easter this year. Here are some perspective-changing pieces of advice on how to survive this holiday season with a clear conscience.

Make a Change if You Feel Like it

Most of the times we get fooled by the advertisements everywhere and fall into the shopping trap just like a fly gets caught in a spider web. This way we end up spending important amounts of money on things categorized as "indispensable" by the stores, without even thinking whether they are really useful or not. This season, take the time to meditate on what this holiday really means to you and how you want to celebrate it. You can try something different like going on a short trip with your family, spoil yourself at the spa or cook a new delicious healthy meal as an alternative to the hard-fat foods. 

Seek Support in the People around You

The holiday season can be a real challenge for the people who must keep their weight under control. If you're afraid you're going to fall into sin and you don't want to feel bad about your diet decisions, ask for help. Share your worries with your family and friends, they will definitely support you in the changes you want to make. Maybe together you'll start thinking about smart food choices and how to include healthy meals in your usual menu. Working together will help you all approach this year's Easter holiday with more confidence and enthusiasm.

Create a New Tradition

While the Easter holidays are meant to bring people together and enjoy each other's presence, most of the people spend this season in the kitchen and around the table, too busy eating. Eating can be an enjoyable activity, of course, but food abuse is unhealthy and can ruin the entire holiday. Try to come up with activities to keep the whole family in shape during this period and to make you feel like you have really spent time together.

Stick to Your Exercise Schedule

It's true that the Easter holiday season is a hectic period when we tend to fail our commitment to physical exercise and throw our current progress out the window. Therefore, it is important to always keep in mind that exercising helps us maintain our body weight, stay energized and overcome the effects of the many foods that take our organism by assault.

Keep a Healthy Balance between Compromises and Pleasure

It may be hard to enjoy holidays if you feel constrained from all sides. Allow yourself to savor the foods that are really special to you and make you feel like you are celebrating Easter. Remember that the key to success in weight loss process is to focus on quality and not quantity, so keep the matter of portion control in mind and simply enjoy your favorite food.