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What to Expect After Spinal Surgery?

Robert Watkins IV';

By Robert Watkins IV

Posted on August 31st, 2020 in Spine Center

what to expect after spine surgery Facing spinal surgery can turn out to be very stressful. Being aware of what to expect after surgery can help reduce your anxiety.

Pain management is one of the top priorities after a spine surgery procedure. While it is normal to have a little pain immediately after spine surgery, these symptoms and discomfort are going to disappear during the early recovery period.

Ultimately, spine surgery aims to relieve your pain and get you back to your routine as soon as possible.

Here’s What to Expect Immediately After Spine Surgery

After undergoing the surgical procedure under general anesthesia, you will be moved to a recovery room where you will wake up. You will be under careful monitoring and all your vital signs will be tracked. Once you are alert and your breathing is normal, you will be transferred to another room where you will stay for the next 4-6 days. The amount of time you will need to be at the hospital will depend on how well you are recovering.

You will be given oral pain medications or intravenous injection to control your pain. You will be taught physical therapy exercises as these help you regain strength. Your level of activity will be increased gradually as it is important to reduce pain and promote healing. It is also important to have someone drive you home.

Taking Care of Yourself at Home

Your surgeon will give discharge instructions, which include recommendations on activity, diet, and lifestyle restrictions to be followed during the recovery period. A back brace may be advised to avoid certain movements. You will have activity restrictions for at least three months, which include the following:

  • Avoiding bending, twisting, and stooping movements at the waist
  • Avoid lifting anything that weighs more than 15 pounds
  • Avoid climbing stairs

Keeping a healthy diet and getting plenty of rest can reduce your recovery time. The best way to recover from your spine surgery is to follow your activity guidelines and resume your normal activities gradually. Knowing all your restrictions and what can be expected during recovery helps a lot.

Undergo Spine Surgery at Cedars-Sinai Marina del Rey Hospital

If you have back pain that has continued to bother you even after conservative treatment, you may consider undergoing spine surgery. Our team of experienced spine surgeons evaluate your condition and decide on what type of surgical procedure will be effective and safe for you. For further information and consultation, please call our staff who will answer all your queries.