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What Is the Cost of Bariatric Surgery?

Jeremy Korman';

By Jeremy Korman

Posted on August 4th, 2020 in Weight Loss

According to a study, the average time from considering undergoing bariatric surgery and actually having the procedure is 3 years. Having surgery is a very important decision, which prompts overweight and obese people to inform themselves with regard to it before going under the knife.

Some of the aspects they usually read about before deciding to undergo a bariatric procedure are:

  • the risks of bariatric surgery
  • the health complications
  • the cost of weight loss surgery

The majority of people who undergo bariatric surgery come from the middle and the upper class, as most individuals cannot afford to pay for weight loss procedures. However, if you have insurance, it may cover the cost of bariatric surgery, regardless of the procedure you choose. It is important to know that not all health insurance plans cover bariatric surgery. Thereby, you will first need to check if yours can pay for the weight loss procedure you intend to undergo.

The following are the average costs of the most common bariatric procedures:

It is worthy of note that most insurance companies in the United States do not provide coverage for bariatric surgery unless you choose this option for your policy. Nevertheless, you will have to pay for this benefit. Using insurance to pay for bariatric surgery is the best option. If your insurance policy covers weight loss surgery, all you have to do is find a surgeon with vast experience in performing bariatric procedures. If your insurance does not cover weight loss surgery and you do not have the option to add it to your policy, here are some alternative you may find useful:

  • a medical loan: there are numerous bariatric programs which collaborate with companies that offer loans for patients who want to undergo bariatric surgery but do not have the procedure covered by their insurance, so you should ask your bariatric surgeon if they work with any financial institutions for loans
  • make a call to HR: before choosing your benefits for the year, call the HR and ask specifically for bariatric surgery, as usually, the PPO plan includes weight loss surgery coverage, whereas the HMO plan does not
  • choose a job with great benefits: it may be worth finding another job whose insurance company offers coverage for weight loss surgery
  • see if you qualify for Medicaid: this insurance plan covers bariatric surgery, but you will first have to check if you are eligible for it

Our Bariatric Surgeons Have Over 20 Years of Professional Experience

If you decided to undergo bariatric surgery, whether your insurance policy will pay for it or you will pay yourself, please contact the bariatric department at Cedars Sinai Cedars-Sinai Marina del Rey Hospital, as our surgeons have great experience in performing weight loss surgery and will gladly help you get rid of your extra pounds. After a thorough examination, they will be able to recommend the most effective bariatric procedure for you, a process that will take into consideration important factors such as your body mass index, your health, and your age. For outstanding results, choose Cedars-Sinai Marina del Rey Hospital and you will not be disappointed. After the surgery, our skillful medical team will constantly monitor you for several days to ensure no complications arise following your bariatric procedure.